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Halloween Costume


Submitted By: Jen 




Age: Any (cutest on babies) 
Time Required: 2 hours 
Difficulty: easy 
Materials Required: white hooded sweater with matching sweat pants. If you cannot find a hooded sweater and regular sweater and cap or headband will work too.

black felt

a dozen pieces of black wool about a foot each

dog collar or old belt cut to fit around neck


2 pairs of white socks or one pair socks and one pair mittens

Face makeup (store bought or home made
Directions: Cut circles from black felt (cow splotches) and attach to the sweatsuit with hot glue, double sided tape or stitching. Keep in mind that hot glue isn't reversible.

Cut black triangles from felt for ears and attach to hood, cap or headband with hot glue, tape or stitching. OPTIONAL: add a tuft of black hair from the top of the head by stitching some pieces of black wool through the hood and tying them.

Braid wool into tail (leave an unbraided end for the tail tuft). Pin to the back of the sweatsuit.

Wear mittens or socks on hands and legs.

Wear collar around neck and tie bell onto it. Optional: you can tie a pretty bow around the tail.

Paint face white. Add black splotch around eye and black nose.


If you are having trouble finding the pieces for the costume in the store, or if you like sewing parts of your own costumes, check out these ideas:

1) Make your own tunic shirt from white material

2) Make homemade makeup

3) In colder climates especially, make a cloak from white material and add black spots. You can wear this overtop of a warm jacket. The pattern does not require sewing.
Comments: Add a halo to make a "Holy Cow!" 

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