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Halloween Costume

Little Boy Blue
Good mom, dad and child outfit 

Submitted By: Leanne 




Age: Any 
Time Required: 1 hour 
Difficulty: very easy 
Materials Required: Any blue outfit (I like a blue plaid shirt and jean overalls), but any will do

a horn (toy trumpet or the like)

straw hat

black eyeliner pencil to put on some freckles

OPTIONAL: chew on a piece of wheat 
Directions: Simply dress up like a farm boy only in blue (blue shirt with overalls or jeans). Wear straw hat and carry horn. Add some freckles on the nose if you like.

The real beauty of this costume is the accompaniment. Dad can dress up like little boy blue with one of the kids a cow and the littlest a lamb or sheep.


If you are having trouble finding the pieces for the costume in the store, or if you like sewing parts of your own costumes, check out these ideas:

1) Make your own tunic shirt from blue material

2) Make homemade makeup

3) In colder climates especially, make a cloak from blue material. You can wear this overtop of a warm jacket. The pattern does not require sewing.
Comments: Award Winner Idea: This idea won an award. The son was dressed as Little Boy Blue, the mom was a sheep and the dad was a cow. 

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