Chocolate Bar Bugs

Makes 24


24 snack-size candy bars (Mars bars work well)
144 (1-inch pieces) Twizzler Pull-n-Peel candy
1 cup prepared chocolate frosting
48 yellow M&M's or smarties candies
Candy-coated milk chocolate sprinkles


Using a skewer, poke 3 holes into each long side of the Mars bars.

Insert Pull-n-Peel in holes as the bug's legs.

Spoon frosting into pastry bag with small plain tip or small zipper-lock bag with a corner snipped.

Pipe 2 small dots on one short end of candy bar and attach the smarties as the eyes.

Pipe dots on top of candy eyes and on body.

Press chocolate sprinkles pieces on frosting dots on the body.

Sent in by Laura!


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