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Chocolate Soda Recipe

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

(including printable "picture" recipe cards)

Alrighty...  The first thing I have to say is that when I saw a recipe that required you to mix chocolate, ice cream and lemonade...  I shuddered.  But we put it together and it was a big hit.  It's my 7 yr old Tasha's new favorite recipe (to make and to drink) 

Er, don't let the kids know I told... but Tasha made SO MANY chocolate sodas one night before bed that her little sister ended up having a potty training relapse.  We've since restricted the amount of pre-bed chocolate soda consumption in our household (yes daddy, that means you too!!)

You'll notice from the image up above that the card has follow along pictures that should help the children figure out what they're supposed to do.  The card has the ingredients on the front and the directions on the back.


(this is the same recipe as on the cards, but in writing only...  I thought some folks might like to preview it).

In a tall glass, mix chocolate syrup and milk.  Add ONE Tbsp vanilla ice cream.  STIR

Add 2nd Tbsp vanilla ice cream, 1 cup lemonade and 1 ice cube.  Stir lightly.

Serve with a straw.

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