Over the next few weeks on the way to school, when the children made fun of her Molly was too busy giggling and playing with the dragonflies to pay any attention and after a little while no one bothered to tease her.

Every so often, Molly would still get frustrated by the events of her day but instead of mushroom-stomping when she was grumpy, Molly would grab her father's lucky shovel, walk out to the backyard, wave hello to her flying friends and then plop herself down in the dirt along the back road. Then Molly would dig a hole and fill it back up -- over and over until she was tired and dirty and not feeling so cranky anymore.

John Joe noticed his daughter's odd habit of digging holes in the backyard and decided to put it to good use. He showed Molly how to plant flower bulbs in the holes before she filled them back up.

Soon her two little dragonfly friends had clumps of nodding daffodils to flutter around in and Molly Murphy had a most beautiful garden – of gold.



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