Just as tears started to well up in her eyes, Molly Murphy heard the familiar buzzing of the dragonflies from earlier in the day. The two small dragonflies – one red, one blue – flew in front of her. They whizzed around her face, buzzed in her ear, and tickled her nose with their wings.

Molly and the dragonflies.Molly dried her eyes, climbed up out of the hole and followed the little dragonflies who, luckily, led Molly home safely. Though she was dirty and tired, Molly didn't traipse or plod or stomp on a single mushroom along the way and was very happy when she arrived back home safe and sound.

The next day John Joe Murphy noticed how strange Molly was acting. She was actually laughing as she played in the yard, chasing around two little dragonflies – one red, one blue.



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