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birdie glyph
Birdie Glyph

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

A glyph is basically a coloring page with directions.  For example, if you are a girl you'd color the bow one color and if you are a boy you'd color it a different color.

I made this particular glyph for Daddy/daughter night at my daughter's Sparks group (youngest group of girl guides in Canada).  It works well for any little girl with a male adult (grandpa, uncle, dad, etc) or even a young girl with an older brother.

If you're doing it in a school setting where dad isn't around, have the daughter take home the question sheet and get the answers, then return to school to color the glyph the next day.

One viewer mentioned that it would also be a fun "Getting to Know You" activity for an adoptive father or step dad.

Template for Glyph Instructions

Template for Glyph Coloring Page