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Christmas Holly Paper Craft

Easy Paper Holly CraftContributed by Leanne Guenther

This paper holly craft is very easy for young children to make and it turns out really cute.  they love the little faces on the holly berries.

One template makes one berry and leaf.  To make a cluster of two or three berries, print out or photocopy more templates.


Alternative FOR OLDER CHILDREN:  Trace the template pieces onto craft foam (green for leaves, red for berries and white for eyes).  Draw on details with black marker (center of leaves, outline of mouth and middle of eyeballs).  This will turn the craft into a nice wall hanging that they can give to grandma/grandpa or teachers.

SUGGESTION FROM A VIEWER:  I love the Christmas holly craft on your website.  We are going to score down the middle of the holly leaves for a three dimensional effect and use little red pompoms for the faces.  Once that is done we add little boggle eyes to make a really animated version of this craft. Made into long wreathes they will look gorgeous hung from our mantle.  We are also going to use them as gift tags.  Well done on a great website.  Vanessa from Western Australia


Craft Templates:

Templates   (color)   or   (B&W)


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