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© Written by Kaitlyn Guenther and illustrated by Anna Ha

Once upon a time, there was a group of children who were best friends. It’s easy to be friends when you all love doing the same thing, and these friends all loved to explore, especially in the winter!

One winter morning the friends met to go for a walk along the fields at the edge of town. As they walked beside a particularly snowy field, they came across an old silk hat sitting atop a fencepost. The friends examined the hat, and although it was a little shabby around the edges, it was a truly the perfect hat! For what you ask? Well for building a snowman of course!

Frosty: Smiling SnowmanSince the friends weren’t sure who the hat belonged to, they did not want to take the hat too far from its fencepost home. Instead, they decided to build a snowman in the particularly snowy field.

They started to roll large balls of snow and stack them. It was hard work, and it took the effort of the whole group to get the third and final snowball on top of the tower. There was a firepit nearby where they found lots of coal, which they used to give their snowman eyes and a mouth. Luckily, someone found a carrot in their lunchbox, which was perfect for the nose, and two large sticks in the forest made excellent arms.

Together, the friends gently placed the old silk hat on their snowman’s head and smiled around at each other for this was, after all, the most magnificent snowman they had ever created! And they had built many a snowperson together…

And at that very moment, with the friends smiling and hugging and laughing, something truly magical happened. All of a sudden, their snowman began to laugh and smile too! His eyes glimmered (even though they were made of coal) and he seemed very happy, downright jolly even!

“Wow!” exclaimed one friend.

“It’s magic!” cried another.

“Actually, I prefer to be called Frosty,” said the snowman as he took each child’s hand in his twig fingers and shook, “it is lovely to meet you all!”

Frosty and his new friends spent hours playing in the particularly snowy field together. When the friends asked Frosty what he most wanted to do, he requested a dance party, so the group began to dance around the snowy field.

Frosty: Children RunningDancing soon became a snowball battle! Frosty wasn’t very good at forming snowballs with his stick arms, so his friends helped him out by making extra snowballs and scattering them around the field.
After their snowball fight, the group decided to play an epic game of tag all the way through town! Frosty was very fast on the snowy paths so it was difficult for the children to catch up with him as he dashed into town.

Frosty ran through the streets of the town, here and there and all around the town square! And as he ran Frosty shouted to his friends, “catch me if you can!”

The children laughed and ran even faster to keep up with the playful snowman. Frosty and the children were running so fast that as they passed people their jet stream caused toques and scarves to fly away.

As they passed a traffic cop, her speedometer lit up—the group was going 200 kilometers an hour! The traffic cop had never seen anything like it. A living snowman and a group of the fastest children she had ever seen… She really wanted an autograph! The traffic cop reached into her bag for a pen and paper but before she could holler for them to stop, she realized they were long gone.

Frosty: Melting SnowmanFrosty reached the other end of town and the group of friends quickly caught up with him, all panting and all smiling the biggest smiles ever.

One of the friends said, “Frosty you’re really sweaty after all of that running.”

Frosty felt his forehead and realized he was actually melting. He looked up in the sky and saw that the afternoon sun was very bright and that if he stayed in it for much longer he might melt completely!

He asked his new friends for a solution and a little girl responded, “There is a forest just over those hills. The trees stretch all the way up to the sky and block out the sun! Maybe you can hide from the sun in there?”

Frosty thought this was a brilliant idea, but the group of children felt sad that Frosty would have to leave them. Frosty smiled, “Don’t cry, I’ll be back again in no time. Maybe next time we can play another game!”

“Like kickball?” asked one of the children.

“Or marbles!” suggested another.

“Let’s play all of those games,” replied Frosty.

Then he took off his old silk hat, handed it to the little girl, and asked her to return it to the fencepost. She nodded and just like that he was off over the hills of snow towards the forest. But at the top of the last hill, he turned around and waved goodbye to his new friends.

Frosty: Snowglobe with Wintery Home SceneThe group of children waved goodbye back and began to make their way back through town and to the particularly snowy field with the fencepost. It was quite easy to make their way back because Frosty had left an obvious trail in the snow—like the trail that a snowball leaves as it is being rolled up. They reached the particularly snowy field at the edge of town in no time and found the fencepost that was home to the old silk hat.

“This hat must be magic,” explained one of the children as they returned the hat to its place atop the fencepost.

“But Frosty was still alive as he could be even when he took the hat off,” one of the friends wondered aloud.

The little girl who had told Frosty about the forest paused for a moment, very confused, before realizing that it wasn’t the hat that was magic. “Maybe it’s our friendship that’s magic,” she suggested.

Her friends looked at her and smiled, all nodding and gathering together into a big bear hug! Then they set off towards their different homes, talking about the amazing adventure they had had on that wonderful winter day and thinking about how they could explore again tomorrow.

The End.


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