2015 Feb 19 Sheep
2016 Feb 8 Monkey
2017 Jan 28 Rooster
2018 Feb 16 Dog
2019 Feb 5 Pig
2020 Jan 25 Rat
2021 Feb 12 Ox

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Chinese New Year and China Crafts and Children's Activities

The Chinese calendar follows the moon and divides the years into groups of twelve.  Each year is named for an animal.  People born in that year are believed to share different traits.

The first of the twelve years is the Year of the Rat.  This is followed by the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

Because the Chinese calendar is based on the lunar year, the date of Chinese New Year changes each year.

2016 is the Year of the Monkey and Chinese New Year is celebrated on February 8th this year.

chinese new year coloring book pages

Chinese New Year Coloring Pages and Posters

chinese new year tracer pages

Chinese New Year Tracer Pages

Year of the monkey activities for kids

Chinese New Year - Year of the Monkey

chinese zodiac

Chinese New Year Zodiac Animals

which are you and what does it mean!

china games

Chinese New Year Printable Games:

    -  Dominos

    -  Memory Cards

china puzzles

Chinese New Year Printable Worksheets

    -  All About China Word Search

china recipe

Chinese New Year
Moon Cakes Easy Recipe

(great recipe for the kids to help with, though not quite as fancy as the real moon cakes look)

Chinese New Year Crafts:
3d China paper model

Chinese New Year Crafts
3D China Doll Paper Model

Age 10+

chinese new year zodiac wreath

Chinese New Year Crafts
Calendar (Zodiac) Wreath

Use a paper plate as the base for this cute 12 character zodiac calendar

Age 2+

china ideas

Chinese New Year Crafts
Crown or Hat

(all the zodiac characters are available)

Age 4+

dragon dance puppet

Chinese New Year Crafts
Dragon or Lion Dance Puppet

Age 5+

paper lantern craft

Chinese New Year Crafts
Paper Lantern

(all the zodiac characters are available)

Age 5+

Chinese New Year Quilt

Chinese New Year Crafts

(all the zodiac characters are available)

Age 3+

china ideas

Chinese New Year Crafts

(all the zodiac characters are available)

Age 3+

Chinese Animals Crafts:
china ideas

Chinese Animal Crafts
Alligator Coloring Pages

Alligator Paper Craft 

Alligator Paper Mache Craft

The Chinese Alligator is one of only two living species of alligator in the world.

panda crafts

Chinese Animal Crafts
Panda Activities for Kids

Pandas are native to China's rainforests

General China Crafts:
chinese pottery

General China Crafts
Chinese Pottery

Age 5+

china friends

General China Crafts
Chinese Outfits for your Favorite Friends/Animals

Age 3+

Chinese Medallion

General China Crafts
Flag medallions

Age 2+

(Alternative ideas for making coasters or a mobile available on the page)

china ideas

General China Crafts
Kung Fu Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Age 3+

china ideas

General China Crafts
Red and Gold Bracelets

Age 2+

jigsaw puzzles 

On-Line China Jigsaw Puzzles


Click here for chinese language directions for a few of our crafts.


Ideas from Viewers:

Here is an idea for Chinese New Year from Jo.  Take a brown paper bag(large).   Cut holes for eyes then decorate it with either markers, crayons or construction paper.   Add streamers to the bottom and have a parade with your Chinese dragon.

Game:  Catch the Dragon's Tail

Catch the Dragon's Tail is sort of like a team based form of tag..

The children split into two groups.  Each group forms a line with their hands on the shoulders of the child in front of them.

The child at the front of each line is the dragon's head and the very last child is the dragon's tail.  The goal is for the dragon's head (the child in front) to tag the dragon's tail (the child in back).

Whichever team catches the dragon's tail first, wins!