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muffin flower craft
Muffin Flower Craft

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

These are simple and fun crafts for even the youngest children to do.  The center of the flower can be further decorated with yellow sequins, small seeds or a photo.  We used a black marker to dot on spots in the center for ours.

This page has the basic instructions for muffin flower crafts.  Check out the following links for themed variations:

Tracy wrote:
"I took the idea of making flowers with muffin liners and made a bit of a change.  I took small pictures of my kids and placed them in each muffin liner.  Then we glued the flowers onto a sheet of paper with a flower pot and wrote 'Grandma's Love makes us grow' on the pot.  You could also use Mom's love makes us grow or whatever!!!"
Thanks for sharing your idea Tracy!




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