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Colour Changing Ice Cream Paper Plate Craft

Contributed by Kaitlyn Guenther

Colour Changing Ice Cream Paper Plate Craft

The only thing better than making an ice-cream-themed craft is eating ice cream but since we can't always be spooning delicious ice cream into our mouths at least we can do some crafting! This ice cream craft is great to celebrate summer and it is especially neat because it changes colour -- or in this case, flavour! You can let your creativity shine with how you decorate the top plate and also with all of the different colours you use on the bottom plate. Once you are done with the craft you can turn the bottom plate around and watch the your ice cream cone change flavour! You can even have the whole family decorate a section of the bottom plate with their favourite ice cream flavour and create a family craft. Or you can put down your top four favourite flavours and use this craft to help you decide which ice cream flavour to buy the next time you're at the ice cream shop!



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