DLTK's Crafts for Kids:
Jack-O'-Lantern (Pumpkin) Crafts

Halloween Bingo Dauber Art

Bingo Dauber Art

Age 2+

Coffee Can Pumpkin Craft

Coffee Can Pumpkin

Age 3+

halloween crafts

Cut and Paste Paper Jack-o'-Lanterns

lots of options to  mix and match - design your own faces!

Age 2+

halloween wreath

Halloween Wreath

Age 6+

pumpkins mini book

Mini Book:  Pumpkins   with   Story Sequencing

Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft

Paper Strip Pumpkin

Age 6+

pumpkin book

Pumpkin Book

Age 2+

pumpkin carving pattern pumpkin carving pattern

Pumpkin Carving Patterns

pumpkin CD rom craft

Pumpkin CD Rom Craft

Age 3+

pumpkin cross stitch pattern

Pumpkin Cross Stitch Pattern

Age 10+

pumpkin dryer vent

Pumpkin Dryer Vent Craft

Age 9+

pumpkin lacing project

Pumpkin Lacing Craft

Age 3+

Easy Pumpkin Craft

Pumpkin Paper Plate Craft (Easy)

Age 2+

pumpkin paper craft

Pumpkin Paper Craft

Age 2+

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Paper Plate Craft

Pumpkin Pie Paper Plate

Age 3+

Easy paper plate pumpkin pouch craft

Pumpkin Pouch Craft (Easy)

Age 2+

pumpkin shapes craft

Pumpkin Shapes Craft

Age 2+

pumpkin sock craft

Pumpkin Sock Craft

Age 5+

pumpkin tissue paper candy pouch

Pumpkin Tissue Paper Candy Pouches

Age 3+

Pumpkin Container Craft

Pumpkin Treat Bag -Milk Carton

Age 3+

pumpkin tote bag

Pumpkin Treat Bag - Paper Craft

Pumpkin Treat Bag - Sewing Craft

pumpkin votive candle holder craft

Pumpkin Votive Candle Holder Craft

Age 3+

Scissore Skills Practice

Scissor Skills Practice

Age 2+

soda bottle pumpkin craft idea

Soda Bottle Jack-O'-Lantern

Age 3+

(Look for the Frankenstein variation at the bottom of the page...)

Halloween Pumpkin Stained Glass Crafts

Stained Glass Jack-o-lantern

stuffed pumpkin finger painting craft

Stuffed Pumpkin Finger Painting Craft

Age 2+

Tin Can Pumpkin Outdoor Decoration

Tin Can Pumpkin Outdoor Decoration

Age 3+

Five Little Pumpkins   (felt board fun)   (mini book)   (poem)

Our Pumpkin Patch
If you are planning to decorate pumpkins with young children here is an alternative that does not involve any sharp tools.  One year we found and bought these mini pumpkins at the grocery store (they were about the size of a baseball).   We dove into our craft cupboard and pulled out tacky glue, wool, pom poms, felt, foam, wiggly eyes and markers then put all the items on the table and let the children have at it.  (Dad isn't really one of the children but he still had fun making the three eyed pumpkin on the right.)

I think they turned out pretty cute!!