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DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Other St. Patrick's Crafts

St Patrick's Day Pikachu

A Wee Bit O' Irish for ANY of your Favorite Friends or Animal Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

(from Blue's Clues to Pikachu!)

angel paper craft

Angel Paper Craft

Age 2+

bear paper craft

Bear Paper Craft

Age 2+

saint patrick's day craft

Bunny Paper Craft

Age 2+

byron brown craft

Byron Brown (from Toadstool Town) Color Buddy Craft

Age 2+

Cleo Irish girl paper doll

Cleo the Paper Doll

Age 3+

tshirt transfer

Iron On T-Shirt Transfers for St. Patrick's Day

kleenex box cover

Kleenex Box Cover for St. Patrick's Day

Age 4+

Pot of Gold Pinwheel Craft

Pinwheel Craft for St. Patrick's Day

Age 4+

quilt paper craft

Quilt Paper Craft for St. Patrick's Day

Age 3+

shrinky dink patterns

Shrinky Dink Patterns for St. Patrick's Day

Age 6+

tissue flower vase

Tissue Flower Vase for St. Patrick's Day

Age 5+

tree paper craft

Tree Paper Craft

Age 2+


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